Susie Shiner - Animal Communication

School of Seership

The Way of the Wild Rose Apprenticeship

The Way of the Wild Rose Apprenticeship is an apprenticeship within the Faery Tradition and to the Otherworld and is a path, not a destination. No two people are the same. Each unfolds according to the dictates of his or her own rhythm. Throughout the Apprenticeship, each participant is led, through their own unfolding and healing to deepen their connection to the Divine Mother. She is at the heart of our mystery. 

Apprentices join for 13 moons but may continue for many years, eventually leading to a deep understanding of their essential nature, the plant and animal kingdoms, faery kin, deity and the Otherworld. 

To prepare the ground, we make a choice to listen to our own soul, heal ancestral patterns, and to come into right relationship with who we are and who we are becoming.

The Way of the Rose Apprenticeship is a foundation stone for developing your Sight. 

From this root, we find where our learning will take us, we unfold from the centre and we know that we are held in the mystery. 

From this hearthstone and when participants are ready, they may then continue onwards in their training to more advanced apprenticeships.