Susie Shiner - Animal Communication

School of Seership

Tree Wisdom

Songs in Trees Apprenticeship

Have you always been fascinated by trees? Come and immerse yourself in their mystery through The Songs in Trees apprenticeship -  an apprenticeship to the tree spirits themselves. It is dedicated to deepening our connection to these incredible beings through the Faery Tradition.

We begin by working with the evergreens...

  • communicating trees: approaching trees & learning to listen to them
  • healing trees: the healing medicine of trees & making tree essences
  • enchanting trees: song & chant
  • divining trees: working with trees for divination

We will be exploring the wonderful trees which make up Charmouth Forest in Dorset with an occasional view of Dorset's stunning Jurassic coastline. 
Please bring a packed lunch and LOTS of warm and waterproof clothing.