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School of Seership

The Faery Tradition

The Faery Tradition is the centre flame of the Celtic Mystery Tradition which holds in its heart the knowledge of a divine child within each one of us and within all living things. This inspires a deep love and reverence for the natural world and for all beings.

The Faery Tradition is a worldwide mystery tradition which grows from a single root. This root is the understanding that emerges when a single soul looks out across the land in awe and understands that Nature herself is the Divine Incarnate. From that root is born the knowledge that behind everything in nature is a spiritual or divine intelligence, whether that is a rock, a tree, an animal or a human. From this one common root grows the knowledge that we all form part of the one Divine Being.

Wherever the Faery Faith is found, it has its own distinct cultural flavour, its own soul song. Though it may be passed down along ancestral lines, it is the responsibility of every soul who is drawn inextricably to its mystery, to find her own soul song; to link to her own ancestral traditions and through her connection to her own divine spirit and to the Otherworld, to reveal her own divine mystery.

The Faery Tradition is our own indigenous shamanism and has nothing whatsoever to do with the small, diminutive fairies depicted by the Victorians or to Disney's Thumbelina and everything to do with the Divine Otherworld whose mystery is often revealed through the old Celtic and British myths and legends.

And this Divine Otherworld is the part of the mystery that creates such longing in us. By journeying to the Otherworld, we begin to face our difficulties, resolve our imbalances, finding new ways of being. At the same time we come back renewed, refreshed and we know that we are altered. We know that an alchemy has occurred.

It is by developing our own connection to our Otherworldly teachers and companions and by listening to the currents of energy that flow through us, our own soul song, that we can begin to piece our own mystery back together.