Susie Shiner

Witch   Seer   Animal Communicator  Healer 


Hi Susie, 
Wow! A big big thank you for yesterday... it really was an incredible couple of hours. I really had no expectations, other than a massive feeling of excitement, and left feeling so different. Way beyond anything I could have imagined. Your work is very powerful with massive impact. 
The pre-session was amazing - very illuminating -  and I love the way you held the space for me. My 'sight' just opened up in that room talking with you...  
And to be around Taliesin was incredible. I wasn't sure how I'd feel around horses after all these years but I felt more comfortable than I'd imagined. And the fact he'd already come to me in a vision was so exciting. The boundary exercises you did were very powerful. 

And the goats! And Maggie... it was so wonderful... Reminded me of what I love and what makes me happy. Thank you for that :-) 
 I'd love to do some more work with you... 
Much love, G x

G.B., Bath

Dear Susie,

Thanks a million for your kind and beautiful animal communication course.
What a wonderful experience, one that will be in my heart always.

My experience with Taliesin was beyond words and I thank you for the opportunity.
Of course that was my highlight, I was in deep shock afterwards and still am!..

The whole course was so full of loving kindness, support and encouragement.

You are an inspirational teacher.
I especially appreciate your honesty and explanations and practical advice from your experience.

What a wonderful group of people too..."

P.T., Bath

Susie, thank you so much for the beautiful, unique and heart centred ceremony that you gave us on our wedding day. You really listened to what we wanted in our marriage, and through your very presence you inspired joy, calm and a sense of the sacred in all of us. Many of my guests commented afterwards on how magically you had held the space and conducted the day. I agree completely. Thank you so much, I feel blessed.

A.P., Bath

Thank you for a great weekend Susie. It was mind blowing and I would not have missed it for the world!

R.S., Bristol

I just wanted to say a big thank you for a marvellous workshop. It was great fun communing with your animals and getting that unmistakable image of the oppressive head harness, and feeling how much he hated it! That one definitely goes in my positive reminder list under the heading, "Oh yeah... I let that in!

I also wanted to say how much I was aware of the loving kindness you gave me .... and I'm deeply appreciative of your willingness to help me further. 

Thank you Susie, for all that you do.

G.S., Gloucestershire

Hi Susie,

I just tried communicating with a friend's dog, Alfie, using a photo... and I got something! It's a picture I've gazed at long and hard in the past trying to make contact, but with no success. Today, I looked at it only briefly (as you suggested) then put the photo down. I then silently introduced myself as his owner's friend and conveyed (as I've tried to convey loads of times before) that she wants to know why he is so aggressive towards other people.

Well, I got a response that took me completely by surprise: he was aggressive with me! I got a picture of a wide-open mouth, teeth bared and snarling. I'm pretty sure the picture came from Alfie and not from my logical mind because it had NEVER occurred to me that he might be aggressive towards someone not physically present and because at the sight of those teeth, my body leapt back in the chair in alarm!

...I just wanted to share my delight with you, and THANK YOU Susie!

J.S., Forest of Dean

I've been practising as much as I can (..since the workshop). I had my sister send a photo of her new dog. I ..don't know their new house,..but.. I had an image of my sister nearly stepping on the dog (it's a shitzu) and having to balance her self on a wall. I had an image of the dog spitting food out... I asked to see her bed and got shown a brown/cream one by a window. My Sister said I was freaking her out,.. that it was all spot on!

W.R., Devon