Susie Shiner

Witch   Seer   Animal Communicator  Healer 


Seership is an umbrella term to describe all forms of the 'second sight' such as communicating with animals, the Ancestors or loved ones departed, passing on messages from spirit guides or allies and deity. 

Susie has been 'walking between the worlds' for the last 30 years. 

She offers animal communication consultations, private sittings for contacting a loved one departed or clairvoyant readings with the help of spirit guides for those needing some guidance on their life path.

Sometimes we just need to know that we are not alone. There is always a guiding hand there for us. Susie is a psychic medium offering private sittings to clients as well as serving her local spiritualist churches as a platform medium. 

Please contact Susie if you are interested in booking a consultation.