Susie Shiner

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Horse Wisdom

The Way of the Horse & Horse Medicine Apprenticeship

Horses have come to help humanity heal. They are doing it purposively. There is no mistake that the ancients saw the White Mare is a symbol of the Sovereignty of the Land. They hold a special place in our own Faery Tradition: the indigenous shamanic tradition of this Land. 

Experience their teachings for yourself.

Working with horses in this way can be a profoundly healing and enriching experience. 

The Way of the Horse

Journey to the Essential Self: A Path of Self-Discovery

The Way of the Horse forms the first CORE component of the Horse Medicine Apprenticeship.

One of the first most important beginnings of any mystery training is to "Know Thyself". Horses are masters at leading us on a journey to self-knowledge. Through experiential exercises in nature and with the horses themselves, these workshops will help you to:

- deepen your connection to the natural world

- deepen your connection to your essential self

- deepen your connection to the horses themselves and the animal kingdom

- gently develop your awareness

The Way of the Horse is a pre-requisite to the Horse Medicine Apprenticeship and incorporates the former Path of the Seer course.

A series of 4  x 2 day weekends beginning March 2019. Includes 4 x half-hour private tutorials with Susie via 'phone or Skype. Maximum number: 6 participants.

The Way of the Horse is a gentle but profound beginning - deepening our awareness of our essential nature; learning from the horses themselves who are expert guides at teaching us the art of being and living; experiential awareness exercises out in nature, helping us to become who we were meant to be.

Horse Medicine Apprenticeship

The Horse Medicine Apprenticeship has been gestating within me for over 10 years now and is finally seeing the light of day..

There is a huge upsurge in Equine Guided Therapy and Learning. What though, if you could really hear what the horses themselves have to say? To become a true Ambassador of the Horse, we must learn the Art of Animal Communication and enter deeply into the Mystery of the White Horse. Horses are incredible healers and teachers.... 

The Horse Medicine Apprenticeship is about becoming an Ambassador for the Horse Kingdom, through whatever horse work we are called to do.  It is about deepening our understanding and experience of the Mystery of the Horse through our own Faery Tradition, our own indigenous shamanism. 

During the apprenticeship, we immerse ourselves in the Mystery of the White Mare, especially Rhiannon, the Welsh Faery Queen and develop our animal communication skills to a high standard so that we can truly hear what these incredible beings are truly saying to us.

Each apprentice will choose or be chosen by a Teacher Horse to learn from throughout the Horse Medicine Apprenticeship. 

The Apprenticeship has three CORE components: 

The Way of the Horse

The Art of Animal Communication

The Horse Medicine Apprenticeship

These THREE core components form the fullness of the Horse Medicine Apprenticeship.