Susie Shiner - Animal Communication

School of Seership

Horse Medicine Apprenticeship

The Horse Medicine Apprenticeship has been gestating for over 10 years now and is finally seeing the light of day..

There is a huge upsurge in Equine Guided Therapy and Learning. What though, if you could really hear what the horses themselves have to say? To become a true Ambassador of the Horse, we must learn the Art of Animal Communication and enter deeply into the Mystery of the White Horse. Horses are incredible healers and teachers.... 

The Horse Medicine Apprenticeship is a mystery training and involves us becoming apprenticed to the horses themselves, learning to pass the tests necessary to becoming their Ambassador, through whatever horse-work we are called to do.  It is about deepening our understanding and experience of the Mystery of the Horse through our own native shamanism. 

During the apprenticeship, we immerse ourselves in the mystery of the White Mare, paying especial attention to Rhiannon, depicted in welsh tales as both White Mare and Faery Queen. We will also develop our animal communication skills to a high standard so that we can truly hear what these incredible beings are truly saying to us.

Each apprentice will choose or be chosen by a Teacher Horse to learn from throughout the Horse Medicine Apprenticeship. 

The Apprenticeship has four CORE components: 

  • The Way of the Horse series of FOUR workshops
  • Developing the Art of Animal Communication
  • Apprenticing to the horses themselves
  • Deepening our relationship with the White Mare Goddess

These FOUR core components form the fullness of the Horse Medicine Apprenticeship and may take several years to complete.