Susie Shiner - Animal Communication

School of Seership

Healing with Horses

Equine Guided Learning

Personal & Spiritual Development with the Aid of Horses

With their beauty, strength and power, horses have always had a profound effect upon the human heart. They are masters at showing us how to live our lives from our essential natures and are the most wonderful healers and teachers. They are experts at revealing our essential self to us, responding to the authenticity of our intention and mirroring our internal states through their behaviour.

Come and experience their magic for yourself.. 

Susie is an Equine Guided Facilitator having trained at Skyhorse Ranch with Ariana Strozzi, one of the pioneer's of Equine Guided Education. 

She works with her two beautiful and highly-esteemed horse colleagues, Taliesin and Diana and with her background in shamanic practice as well as personal and spiritual development, Susie offers profoundly transformative equine guided learning sessions.