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Posted on 4 October, 2018 at 17:00

I was about nine years old when the teacher of my primary school class asked the class,

‘What would you like to be when you grow up?’

She then proceeded to make a tour of the class asking each child in turn, “What would you like to be, Fiona, when you grow up?’

‘What would you like to be when you grow up, Stephanie?’

I froze. Forever I had known that all I wanted was to be was a witch.

‘A teacher, miss..’ said one.

‘A nurse..’ said another.

I knew it would not be long before I would be expected to respond.

Even at that tender age I knew that I had to lie.

‘A teacher, miss.’

I managed to squeeze out the hollow reply.

I have often thought how was it, what does it say about our society, that a child so young should know already to lie about her essential nature.

To accept yourself when the world thinks that the word that you are is evil is quite an undertaking. I won’t lie if I told you that it has taken me many years to give myself permission to use the ‘w’ word in a public forum, not least to describe the work that I do.

I am a witch. I am a druidess. I am a seer. For me Seership is an inclusive term to describe all forms of the second sight such as animal communication, psychism, mediumship and prophecy (being a voice for the divine).

The tradition which is at the heart of this mystery is the Faery Tradition which to me, is a worldwide tradition that goes under a variety of names according to locale, altered by the culture and spirit of landscape where it finds its home. In many respects it is a global religion or spiritual belief. Wherever the Faery Faith is found, a witch or druid is not far behind.

For many years I have tried calling myself one thing or another. Psychic Medium. Animal Communicator. Clairvoyant. All words that modern folk might understand. Words that people might type into a search engine. Each time I relent and use one of these words to describe my offerings, I feel that I have to cut off my right arm in order to reveal my left.

These arts are really one. Seership. But no-one seems to type that into search engines.

To me it is a great loss when a branch of Seership cuts itself off from its ancient roots. Take mediumship for example. You may attend a spiritualist church to see mediumship being demonstrated, sometimes to a high standard and yet the medium herself may not believe that it is possible to hold a thought conversation with an animal or a deity. Or a faery being for that matter. But once a person has developed the Sight, they may come across such a being and be frightened or unprepared.

I believe that the safest way of developing one’s Seership is through a well-rounded spiritual practice, a deep connection to the Divine and most especially through an earth-based mystery tradition which provides us with a map of wholeness, a balancing the elements within our natures.

I offer a variety of online courses for those who are drawn to the ancient mysteries of these lands, to the faery faith and who wish to deepen their connection to their essential self, the natural world, the Earth Mother, the Old Gods, the Ancestors, the plant and animal kingdoms and who also wish to develop their Sight in a safe and balanced way.

Seership, once it has been granted, comes with a responsibility to live within Sacred Law and to serve the Whole. Many of our old faery stories teach us that we must come into right relationship with the Unseen Realms, Sacred Law and the natural world.

I have a growing sense of a deep urgency that the time is now to act, to stand forwards and to use our gifts to protect and honour ourselves, the planet and the vast array of beings with whom we share our home. Before it is too late.

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