Susie Shiner

Witch   Seer   Animal Communicator  Healer 

Animal Ambassadors
Apprenticeship to the Animal Kingdom

Some animals, like some men,

Leave a trail of glory behind them.

They give their spirit to the place

where they have lived,

and remain forever a part of the rocks

and streams and the wind and sky.

Marguerite Henry

Foundation Studies in Animal Communication

This Apprenticeship follows on from the Way of the Horse Workshops for those who would like to learn the Art of Animal Communication and is a core component of the Horse Medicine Apprenticeship. 

"The world needs more people who are prepared to be ambassadors for the Earth and the animal kingdom. To this end, we must constantly be striving to be the best we can be, learning from one another, maintaining integrity, humility and a beginner's mind. My hope is that as animal communicators, we be wholly wedded to an internal code of standards and ethics to include the principle of non-violence. It is my belief that this principle should be applied both towards our treatment of the animals themselves but also to the way in which we treat the humans to whom we pass our messages. Only by embracing the principle of non-violence can we ensure that our messages be heard and integrated by their human recipients."  
Susie Shiner: Animal Communicator

"It is my understanding and experience that all forms of seership are best taught within an earth-based mystery tradition. Not least because one form of seership leads to another. If we can communicate with and share a thought conversation with an animal, we can also do the same with a loved one departed and a whole myriad of other beings.  To practice safely, we must learn to balance our psyches through deep work out in nature and in spiritual practice. The first requirement is to develop a strong relationship with the Divine and deity. Therefore, the pre-requisite of any animal communication training is either The Way of the Rose Apprenticeship or the Way of the Horse workshops. Both these trainings offer the participant a safe and grounded way of developing their Sight. 

Once this building block is in place are we then free to turn our attention to the hearts and minds of animals.

Do join me on this incredible journey into the amazing world of animal communication. Your life will be transformed!"

Susie Shiner

Diploma in Animal Communication

Susie offers an Animal Communication Diploma to a few carefully chosen students who have shown exceptional ability as well as interpersonal skills and wish to be pursue certification. Diploma students are asked to successfully complete case histories as well as written assignments and will have completed the Foundation Studies in Animal Communication as well as additional modules.