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Welcome to The Wild Rose Foundation

Within the British Isles there exists a beautiful & timeless mystery tradition which still lives on today in ballad, myth and story, within the very fabric of the land with its standing stones, holy wells and sacred places. This tradition deeply connects us to the mystery within ourselves, helping us to find a way home back to our essential self and to the divinity of our own natures. Here we are no longer separate from nature but understand that we belong to this vast community of other beings with whom we share our lives. To our ancestors, nature herself was the divine incarnate and those ancients have gifted us through poetry, song and legend, the memory of a Divine Otherworld full of magic, joy, exquisite beauty and inspiring awe. 

..deepening our connection to our essential self, 

nature & the otherworld..

Never in the human history has there been a more important time to re-member the Old Ways - a way of living in balance and harmony with the natural world and with love and reverence for all beings within our hearts. & reverence for all beings..

The Wild Rose Foundation stands for love and reverence for all living beings and belongs to this ancient mystery tradition which still lives on in its perfection in the Otherworld ready to reveal its priceless gifts to each genuine and well-prepared seeker. 

The Wild Rose Foundation offers, through its apprenticeship programme, courses and workshops a way of being that is crucial to the survival of humanity, a great many other species and to the health of the natural world.